This is our 2023 virtual "On The Way" board.
It lists members planning a Camino 
in the next 12 months.
  Buen Camino. Last year OWB is here On The Way Board


 Jill Hill  Maybe Via de la Plata April  
 Jenny A. Norte+Primitivo+maybe Invernio April  
 Bruce S Portuguese From Porto April  
 Barbara  Portuguese from Lisbon+ Primitivo 22May  
 Richard & Eileen Kumano Kodo (japan) April  
 Bernadette & Marian  Portuguese from Porto September  
 Juliet C. Podiensis August  
 Diane,Narelle, Lisa,Jenny A Way of Saint Francis September/October  
 David M Via Francegina- Gt St Bernard to Rome September  
 Shirley P. Podiensis June  
 Maureen O.S Kumano Kodo  12 to 19 April  
 Jacquie S. Frances April  
 Pam & Terry  Via Podesis+ frances+invernio 1 April  
 Jo Vonna Frances 15April  
 Julie D. Frances  20April  
 Marina  Frances  May  
 Christine G  Portuguese coastal  May  
 Dominique and Paul  Frances  May  
Grace and Robert  UK lake district walk  May 18-23  
 Janice P. Aragones May 9  
 Alex Z Frances April