Raising awareness for Parkinson’s disease by walking the Camino.

WILL BOAG - Each year since 2014 Will Boag, who has Parkinson's Disease, and his wife Corrie have walked many Caminos and other pilgrimages to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease.  However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have taken the opportunity to look at our own backyard, driving and walking around NSW in 2020.  In 2021 Will and Corrie had planned to go to Germany if borders are open, or climbing hills and mountains in South Australia.  In March 2021, Will and Corrie will be joining the Blue Mountains Camino 5-Day Walk from Penrith to Blackheath.


E-books  A series of small books by Will and Corrie Boag in order to raise more funds, and hopefully spark ideas or/and enjoyment from your readings.

They all follow the same format. The general form shows Corrie and my experiences day by day, with a relevant photo. I then made up a saying that reflects something meaningful for me, followed by a poem that further highlights the day, but in a different form.

All of these writings have the added benefit of producing a neuroplastic experience as well, which challenged my brain. This is vital, as it is the brain that is mostly affected by Pd and is therefore more vulnerable to succumb to various unsettling symptoms including potential Alzheimers.

The books are progressive, so reading them in order from left to right highlights the progression of the disease as well as the steps taken to alleviate symptoms.

I hope some of the ‘over 200 poems’ delight you and some of the ‘over 200 sayings’ challenge you as you walk your path.

The e-books can be simply downloaded by clicking on them   If you would like to make a donation simply follow the donation linkAll monies go directly to Shakeitup where they are matched for research with the Michael J Fox Foundation, and ALL of these funds go towards finding a cure for Pd.

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