Camino Spirit at Glenella Guesthouse

Margaret and Rowan Bouttell, owners of Glenella Guesthouse in Blackheath were inspired whilst cycling the Camino in 2013 to establish an “albergue style” accommodation in the Blue Mountains.  Together with Tony and Ce Jacques, they are the founders of the Blue Mountains Australia Supporters of the Camino.  Margaret and Rowan actively support the Camino group by offering Glenella Guesthouse, 56 Govetts Leap Rd, Blackheath as its meeting place.

Their reason was far more than just creating a place for travellers to stay and sleep.  It was to provide a place for people to meet other like-minded people, to be a place where you would be inspired, a safe haven where everyone is welcomed and respected.  Margaret & Rowan have adopted these Camino values at Glenella and offer a special experience to all who visit and stay at Glenella Guesthouse.     

"Sharing our Camino story, or simply sharing Camino values, is something we do virtually every single day. Whether it is guests who are paying to stay, or helpers exchanging their skills, or hosts continuing their Camino journey, or locals popping in to learn more about the Camino.  

Our Camino journey and experience is not so much one of sharing the places and routes we travelled, but of the experience, and the end result.  The names of the villages and albergues are a blur and not that important.  The fact that we started, followed the way, opened our hearts and subsequently returned home to live more of an open hearted life is real.  Now, we share it with others".  

Margaret and Rowan have created a  Camino Corner at Glenella and by relating their personal Camino experiences, they essentially provide a grassroots Camino service. Glenella Guesthouse is located at 56 Govetts Leap Rd, Blackheath   

            Glenella is an active example of “Living the life of the Camino”